LSU’s Olivia Dunne Wears Completely See-Through Red Shirt

LSU’s Olivia Dunne Wears Completely See-Through Red Shirt

Olivia Dunne has successfully accomplished everything a gymnast could possibly hope to do at the collegiate level.

Off the mats, Dunne went out and conquered the NIL space. Not only does she make seven figures annually herself, but she has capitalized on social media in a way where those around her have gotten obscenely popular as well.

Dunne’s sister, for example, routinely goes viral for everything ranging from her provocative Coachella photos to her racy see-through shirt. Her good friends also constantly blow up online for their handsy photos with her and various party pictures.

Everyone around Dunne is eating well right now.

On the mats, Dunne helped guide LSU to National Championship this past season. A year removed from making it to the NCAA Tournament Final Four and falling just short of a title, the Tigers righted that wrong in 2024.

This week, Dunne made headlines for a provocative outfit she wore to a recent event. The see-through red shirt she opted tow ear largely speaks for itself:

LSU’s Olivia Dunne Wears Completely See-Through Red Shirt 1LSU’s Olivia Dunne Wears Completely See-Through Red Shirt 2

Fans were blown away by Dunne’s wardrobe decision.

“Paul Skenes just threw 6 no hit innings and is bagging her. This man is living the good life,” one person wrote.

“Paul Skenes damn near no hitter in his 2nd career start and still overshadowed by his girl,” another fan agreed.

Skenes may be overshadowed by Dunne in a popularity sense, but he is still clearly doing quite well for himself big picture.

Olivia Dunne’s Racy Photos Went Viral Earlier This Week

Dunne is the kind of sports personality who trends multiple times per week. She has achieved that level of notoriety.

Earlier this week, Dunne blew up online when she shared photos of herself wearing just a thong and nothing else and suffered an accidental wardrobe malfunction. Understandably, both events proved to be big deals.

Her TikToks throughout also achieved massive popularity:

@livvy lol #foryou #sportsillustrated ♬ original sound – alex

@livvy YEEHAW @xandra #foryou #siswimsuit ♬ yall r weird under this sound.. – jeilyn 💤

With gymnastics season officially over, Dunne seems to have ample time to run around and do legitimately fun things that raise her public profile in a reasonably meaningful way.

What will Dunne ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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