Los Angeles Chargers’ Viral Fan Identified By Viewers (Video)

Los Angeles Chargers’ Viral Fan Identified By Viewers (Video)

The Dallas Cowboys defeated Justin Herbert’s Los Angeles Chargers 20-17 on Monday Night Football this week.

Given how ugly the outing was, there weren’t many takeaways viewers could garner from the on-the-field happenings. (Instead, people resorted to gossiping about Herbert’s girlfriend.) Off the field, though – an interesting viral story quickly emerged.

All night long, ESPN cameras couldn’t stop zooming in on one particular Chargers fan. Her excited nature captivated the folks watching at home.

It didn’t take long for a theory about the Chargers fan to develop.

Fans at home quickly identified her as a plant.

While it is impossible to know whether the fans who identified this viral Chargers fan as a plant are right or not, it is certainly a plausible theory.

L.A. has a huge sports fan community, but they love the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Dodgers. The Los Angeles Rams garnered some interest when they were good, too. But not as much as the Lakers and Dodgers.

And absolutely nobody cares about the Chargers.

One way or another, the viral Chargers fan will be fully identified in the coming days. And when she is, it will be interesting to see how real her loyalty to the franchise actually is.

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