Liverpool Not Getting Premier League Crown Over Coronavirus?

Liverpool Not Getting Premier League Crown Over Coronavirus?

Liverpool Not Getting Premier League Crown Over Coronavirus?

Is Liverpool not getting the Premier League crown over the Coronavirus? It is a very distinct possibility that this will be the case.

As the epidemic sweeps multiple nations, the fallout from coronavirus can be felt in terms of personal health, finances and now sports.

It all began with the Chinese Super League suspending action until further notice, for obvious reasons. A postponement of Serie A fixtures followed shortly thereafter. There are also many questions surrounding Euro 2020.

At the moment, the UK has not been hit particularly hard by the coronavirus. China, South Korea, Japan, the Middle East and Italy have all been subjected to more damage from the epidemic.

That said, concerns of it spreading still exist.

Recently, The Telegraph reported on how there is a chance that the recent outbreak would impact Liverpool’s Premier League championship status.

Currently, there are no particular regulations on how the FA would deal with a scenario where the government postpones sporting events.

As such, there is a chance that Liverpool’s 22-point lead at the top of the Premie League may not ultimately be enough to secure the team its first crown.

Theoretically, the most common sense solution in that situation would be to simply give Liverpool the trophy. But common sense does not always prevail.

If Liverpool does win in this fashion, the same rules would have to apply to the entire division – including relegating the bottom three teams even though they have a decent shot of playing their way out of the situation.

What would likely end up happening is that he decision would depend on the percentage of fixtures that had been played at the time the stoppage would occur. That means the longer the season goes, the better shot there is of Liverpool getting what is rightfully theirs.

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