List Of All Gifts WWE’s Vince McMahon Gave Janel Grant

List Of All Gifts WWE’s Vince McMahon Gave Janel Grant

Former WWE employee Janel Grant filed a lawsuit against her prior employers and Vince McMahon this week.

As part of her allegations against all parties involved, Grant claims that McMahon abused and trafficked her to various WWE workers. She maintains that she was paid $1 million hush money after being promised $3 million in total.

When Grant didn’t receive the outstanding $2 million she was expecting, she filed her lawsuit.

In the days since Grant’s filing went public, numerous troubling photos have emerged seemingly bolstering her case. Similarly, a disturbing video involving Brock Lesnar also ostensibly lent credence to her statements.

This week, a list of all the items McMahon reportedly gave Grant (in addition to $1 million) leaked online. It went viral in no time:

List Of All Gifts WWE’s Vince McMahon Gave Janel Grant 1

Late this week, Grant’s attorney appeared publicly and offered some statements on her client’s behalf.

“[Grant] believes (filing the suit) is the first step,” the attorney said.

“Filing this lawsuit took some tremendous courage from her. She was in an extremely vulnerable position when she first encountered Vince McMahon.

“So already, besides being in an inordinately uneven playing field between Vince McMahon and Janel, our client, she still tried to conduct herself… tried to be the best possible employee for the WWE that she could be under the most devastating and sexually depraved circumstances.”

A spokesperson for McMahon responded this week, saying that the former WWE boss planned to “vigorously defend himself” against the allegations Grant made against him.

It really doesn’t appear as though this matter is going away any time soon. This has the makings of a very long and very messy legal battle.

Will Grant, McMahon and all the other parties involved ultimately get the justice they deserve when everything is said and done? Time will tell.

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