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Lincoln Riley Gets Brutally Honest About Oklahoma Fans

Lincoln Riley Gets Brutally Honest About Oklahoma Fans

Lincoln Riley Gets Brutally Honest About Oklahoma Fans

Lincoln Riley gets brutally honest about Oklahoma fans during a recent interview.

Riley’s Sooners are currently the No. 9 team in the nation and playing extremely solid, albeit not championship-level, football.

As such, you would expect Oklahoma fans to be brimming with excitement any time they get to see their squad.

Not so.

On Saturday, as Oklahoma held a 21-point halftime advantage over Iowa State, a ton of fans left the game.

As a result, the Sooners played the second half of the outing in front of a very deflated crowd.

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When asked about what had transpired during Monday’s press conference, Riley got very honest.

“It’s our jobs as coaches and players that we gotta play to our level no matter what,” he said.

“That is certainly our job and I would never put that on our fans.”

While Riley did not blame the crowd for anything, he did point out what an important role fans play.

“We have one of the great fanbases in America and when it’s rockin’ in there, does our team feel that? Hell yeah they do. And when it’s not, do they feel that? Hell yeah they do. Yep.”

Iowa State ultimately used the deflated crowd to their advantage in the second half of Saturday’s game before ultimately falling to Riley’s squad by one point.

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