LeBron James’ Reaction To Cam Reddish’s Missed Lakers Game-Winner

LeBron James’ Reaction To Cam Reddish’s Missed Lakers Game-Winner

Cam Reddish had the opportunity to win Monday night’s game for the Los Angeles Lakers, but ultimately his game-winner bricked off the rim.

With L.A. down one to the Miami Heat and just under nine seconds remaining on the clock, James drove to the basket and dished it to Reddish in the corner.

The result?


Fans at home didn’t love the sequence. They didn’t like the play that was called. They didn’t like James passing the ball. They didn’t like Reddish taking the shot.

The reactions on social media were strong:

So how did James feel about what happened? Austin Reaves offered some insight into that after the game.

“As soon as [James] walked into the locker room, he went to Cam and said, ‘Nah, that’s a good shot. Situation happens like that again, we’re gonna give it right back to you and knock it down.’

“That’s major, happened to me in the past with Bron.”

The Lakers’ season hasn’t started off as planned. L.A. is 3-4 and struggling amid injuries and a lack of offensive creation.

James remains the only person on the roster who can consistently find his own shot. And his frustration with that is beginning to show.

Fortunately for Reddish, though – James is also a really good teammate.

And while Monday night’s loss no doubt stung, it didn’t hurt enough for him to lash out at his young teammate.

Will James, Reddish and the Lakers be able to get it together and start winning some games as this 2023-24 NBA season chugs along? Time will tell.

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