LeBron James Posts Goodbye Photo For Trump

LeBron James Posts Goodbye Photo For Trump

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James reveled on Saturday morning in news that Joe Biden would become the next President of the United States. Shortly after the Associated Press called the election for President-elect Biden, the reigning NBA Finals MVP took to Twitter to publish one final photo for his nemesis.

LeBron James Posts Goodbye Photo For Trump 1

The picture in question is a call back to one of the most pivotal moments of James’ career. During Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals between James’ Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, the game was tied with less than two minutes to go.

Warriors swingman Andre Iguodala got the ball with a seemingly clear path to the basket, when all of a sudden – James emerged out of nowhere to reject the easy lay-up and prevent a score from happening.

Cleveland went on to win the game and the championship. James’ block was immortalized as “The Block,” and to this day remains one of the more notable moments of his career.

Big picture, James’ reaction to President-elect Biden’s victory shouldn’t come as a shock. He has had significant issues with President Trump, and the friction has been very mutual.

Last week, President Trump called out James at his rally.

“How about basketball?” President Trump said. “How about Lebron? I felt badly for LeBron. I felt very badly. Down 71% and that’s for their championship — I didn’t watch one shot. I get bored. … You know why? When they don’t respect our country, when they don’t respect our flag, nobody wants to watch. Nobody!”

The crowd immediately began to chant “LeBron James sucks,” which President Trump appeared to revel in.

James, meanwhile, contributed $27 million to ensure that felons would be able to vote in the 2020 Presidential Election – attempting to tilt the balance in President-elect Biden’s favor.

Several weeks back, he was asked about his constant tiffs with President Trump.

“I don’t go back and forth with anybody,” James said. “And I damn sure won’t go back and forth with that guy. “But we want better, we want change in our community. We always talk about, ‘We want change,’ and now we have the opportunity to do that.”

Before that, President Trump described James as a “hater.”

“He’s a great basketball player, but people don’t want to see a guy that’s that way,” President Trump said. “They don’t want to see that. … He’s a hater.”

At the moment, President Trump has bigger fish to fry than people trolling him online. However, once the dust settles, it will be interesting to see if he responds to James down the line or if this feud will die out once and for all.

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