LeBron James Names 1 NBA Team He Refuses To Play For

LeBron James Names 1 NBA Team He Refuses To Play For

LeBron James has redefined what it means to be a free agent in the NBA.

Before him, players of his caliber would feel obligated to remain with one team for the entirety of their careers – regardless of whether they won a championship or not.

James changed that.

In his moves from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat, from the Heat back to the Cavaliers, and from the Cavaliers to the Los Angeles Lakers – James made it socially acceptable for a superstar to jump around based on style, title aspirations, money and quality of life. Which, mind you, is one of the many reasons he feels so comfortable openly recruiting Stephen Curry to the Lakers.

This past offseason James signed a massive extension with the Lakers. He did so with the desire of putting the pieces in play to possibly team up with Bronny James when the youngster becomes NBA eligible.

A lot of things need to align in order for LeBron and Bronny to team up – and there’s really only one surprising team with the capacity to make it happen.

What makes it somewhat feasible is the fact that James, throughout his NBA career, has shown a willingness to play anywhere that would make sense for him.

This week, however, the Lakers star admitted that although he’s willing to play almost anywhere, there is still one franchise he wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole.

The Orlando Magic.

During an appearance on HBO’s The Shop, James admitted he would absolutely never play for the Magic because of the toll being in Orlando for last year’s NBA Bubble took on him.

“Anytime I hear Orlando right now I get PTSD,” James said.

“Orlando has no chance of free agency?” Maverick Carter asked.

“They have no chance,” James replied.

“What if you get traded to Orlando,” Carter quipped.

“I’m not going,” James replied. “I’ll just retire.”

So there you have it. If Magic fans were banking on James ever coming to town and saving the franchise, it’s probably time to go with Plan B.

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