LeBron James’ Immediate Reaction After Anthony Davis’ Ejection (Video)

LeBron James’ Immediate Reaction After Anthony Davis’ Ejection (Video)

Anthony Davis was ejected from the Los Angeles Lakers’ Monday night showdown against the Chicago Bulls after earning his second technical foul of the game.

With a little more than two minutes remaining in the third quarter, Davis lost his shoe during a particular sequence. As he bent down to put it back on, officials permitted play to continue.

This greatly frustrated Davis, who subsequently snapped at the nearest referee. That in turn earned him his removal from the game.

In the immediate aftermath, Davis’ teammate LeBron James immediately came onto the court to intervene.

Davis’ frustration is understandable. Not long ago, a similar dynamic unfolded with Tyler Herro – leading to much different results.

Considering that Monday night marked just the second time in Davis’ career that he was ever ejected, it’s clear he isn’t just someone that blows his lid at any minor slight.

Shortly after Davis was tossed, James left the game early as well.

Big picture, Davis was also no doubt upset over how the game was going for LA. After keeping it within striking distance for most of the outing, they got completely blown off the court in that third quarter.

Davis hasn’t been shy in recent days calling out his teammates – and some of his rage in that particular moment was no doubt the byproduct of the general annoyance he has felt throughout this season.

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