LeBron James’ Icy Exchange With Russell Westbrook Before Lakers Game (Video)

LeBron James’ Icy Exchange With Russell Westbrook Before Lakers Game (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers squared off on Wednesday night in their first match-up of the 2023-24 NBA regular season.

Because of how early it is in the year, it was a pretty low-stakes game for all parties involved. That said, as a result of rivalry that exists for L.A. hoops fans’ hearts and minds between these two ball clubs, there is always some level of intensity at play.

Complicating matters even further were two other things. First, the Lakers’ inability to actually beat the Clippers as of late. Heading into the evening, the latter beat the former 11 straight times. The second is the bad blood between Russell Westbrook and his old team.

In the days leading up to this game, Westbrook took a little jab at the Lakers and LeBron James over how the purple and gold utilized him. As a result, many were curious to see how he and James would interact before Wednesday night’s showdown.

The answer proved to be interesting:

NBA fans tend to have strong opinions on things. This especially icy exchange between James and Westbrook proved to be no exception.

They immediately flocked to social media to weigh in:

Big picture, the Lakers came out the big winners on Wednesday night with their 130-125 dub. The victory didn’t come easy, but it came nevertheless.

The real question is what happens from here. With the Clippers having just acquired James Harden, they look really stacked on paper.

Regular season wins are nice, but at the end of the day they are just regular season wins.

Playoffs are where legacies are made.

James and Westbrook are both clearly striving to win a championship without the other. Whether either will ultimately be successful this year remain to be seen.

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