LeBron James, Frank Vogel Say Lakers Dealing With Ominous Secret Issue

LeBron James, Frank Vogel Say Lakers Dealing With Ominous Secret Issue

LeBron James, Frank Vogel Say Lakers Dealing With Ominous Secret Issue

LeBron James and Frank Vogel both say that the Lakers are dealing with an ominous secret issue of some sort. According Los Angeles’ best player and head coach, this mysterious problem is responsible for at least some of their recent struggles within the NBA bubble.

The Lakers went into the NBA bubble as the Western Conference’s top team. Although record-wise that has not changed, they have not played particularly well over the past week. So far, the team is 2-2 – with their losses being far more demoralizing than their victories have been impressive.

Most recently, the Lakers fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder 105-86 on Wednesday night.

After the outing, James suggested that a deeper issue was plaguing the team, causing them to play poorly.

Vogel was then asked if the Lakers would consider line-up changes at some point, should the losses persist. He said it would be an option, but then also acknowledged a deeper, ominous issue was responsible for his team’s performance.

“We’re looking at everything, but it’s bigger than that,” he replied.

What Could Be Bothering LeBron James, Frank Vogel and the Lakers?

So what could this big issue be? It is tough to say. Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma have been awful ever since the NBA returned from suspension, so if the issues are related to on-the-court matters, it could be that.

James hasn’t been much better, so it could be delay-related health problems impacting his body.

If it is an off-the-court matter, it could be anything.

Avery Bradley is said to be completely ignoring his old team, so there could be some open wounds resulting from that. Though it would seem odd that James and Co. would take it to heart in such dramatic fashion if that were the case.

Dwight Howard also caused some issues during the suspension with his comments pertaining to COVID-19 and social justice. It is possible that something about that messed with team chemistry.

Are LeBron James, Frank Vogel and the Lakers Just Making Excuses?

Or this could all just be James and Vogel creating excuses for their team’s mediocre performance thus far in the resumed season. Again, the Lakers were viewed as favorites by odds makers to win the NBA title. At the moment, they are not playing like favorites.

Four games in, there is still plenty of time and opportunity for LA to right the ship and resume traveling on the path they were on before COVID-19 disrupted the season.

But if there really is some sort of secret ominous issue bringing the organization down, they better figure it out quick. Because if they don’t, the Los Angeles Clippers, Milwaukee Bucks, Houston Rockets or Toronto Raptors will capitalize and take home a title that everyone had all but gift-wrapped for James and his group.

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