Lawmaker Thinks Cam Newton Is Transgender, Then Gay

Lawmaker Thinks Cam Newton Is Transgender, Then Gay

Lawmaker Thinks Cam Newton Is Transgender, Then Gay

A lawmaker thought Cam Newton was transgender, then gay, in a strange series of comments.

John Rogers, a Democrat from Birmingham, Alabama, reportedly made the comments during a recent hearing.

According to Total Pro Sports, Rogers was speaking during a hearing on HB35, a bill that would prevent transgender people from competing in sporting events that are limited to females, when he made the bizarre assertions.

Ultimately, HB35 was defeated.

“My favorite player is a transgender,” Rogers reportedly said.

After then apparently being unable to name the player he was referring to, Rogers is said to have described him as someone who plays for the “North Carolina Panthers.”

Following the meeting, Yellowhammer News out of Alabama attempted to follow up with Rogers on what he said.

Rogers reportedly suggested that the player he was referring to was Newton.

According to Yellowhammer News, Rogers said that he misspoke about Newton being transgender and actually believed him to be gay, before adding, “there is nothing wrong with that and that there are many football players who are gay.”

Newton has yet to respond to the lawmaker’s assertions about his personal life or offer any sort of opinion on the legislation that brought this entire conversation forth.

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