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Laura Rutledge’s Viral Video Causes A Stir

Laura Rutledge's Viral Video Causes A Stir

Laura Rutledge is widely regarded as one of the most prominent personalities in all of sports.

Between her coverage of both the NFL and college football, she has built up a sizable following across all of social media.

In large part as a result of that following, any time she posts anything, it immediately goes viral.

The trend continued this week, when she posted a video that immediately set the internet ablaze.

“This is why TV coverage matters,” she wrote.

“Our 3 year old daughter is watching the @sec gymnastics championship saying she wants to be like these athletes. Proud this broadcast is on @SECNetwork. And yes, she’s also holding a (football, soccer ball and basketball) bc possibilities are endless.”

While the topic at hand was gymnastics, the replies largely flowed in from Rutledge’s big collection of football followers.

Obviously this isn’t the first time one of Rutledge’s posts has blown up online. Between that one video that set the internet ablaze, her wild outfit choice for college football Saturday and now this, it has been one thing after another for her.

By any objective measure, Rutledge is one of the biggest stars in all of sports media.

What will she ultimately find herself in the headlines for next?

Time will tell.

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