Last Photo Ever Taken Of Kobe Bryant Revealed

Last Photo Ever Taken Of Kobe Bryant Revealed

Last Photo Ever Taken Of Kobe Bryant Revealed

The last photo ever taken of Kobe Bryant was revealed recently.

The picture in question, taken by a young fan on Saturday afternoon, shows him attempting to get a selfie with the NBA legend.

Less than one day later, Bryant and eight others died in a tragic helicopter crash in Los Angeles, California, on the way to a youth basketball event at the Mamba Academy.

Bryant’s 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, was among the eight others that died in the accident.

One day earlier, Brady Smigiel, 13, was able to take a blurry picture with Bryant at the Mamba Academy.

It is believed by many to be the last photo ever taken of Bryant before his death.

“When Brady Smigiel, 13, captured a blurry selfie with his idol, Kobe Bryant, on Saturday at the Mamba Sports Academy, he didn’t know it probably would be one of the last photos of the NBA legend alive,” CNN tweeted out, with the accompanying photograph.

Bryant met Smigiel on Saturday at the Mamba Academy.

Following a game, the young fan approached the Lakers legend and asked for a photo.

Although Bryant refused to take the photograph because he was angry over his daughter’s team losing, he gave the youngster knuckles.

While walking away, Smigiel snapped a photo.

Bryant reportedly told Smigiel that they would take a photo together on Sunday.

Obviously that did not end up happening, as Bryant never made it back to the Mamba Academy on Sunday.

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