Blazers’ Larry Nance Jr. Takes Brutal Shot At Lakers

Blazers' Larry Nance Jr. Takes Brutal Shot At Lakers

The Cleveland Cavaliers traded Larry Nance Jr. to the Portland Trail Blazers this past offseason. He was one of the additions that, ultimately, Damian Lillard seemed pretty unimpressed by.

Prior to arriving in Cleveland, Nance spent the first two years of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Because he always worked hard and hustled, Nance was generally very well received in LA.

It appears the love was not mutual.

According to NBA insider Evan Dammarell, “Nance Jr. gave a personalized note along with a bottle of wine for every member of Cleveland’s front office before he left.”

Harmless enough, right? Here’s the kicker: “He also said, ‘Thank you for rescuing me from LA,’ per Altman.”

Nance’s lack of appreciation for his Laker days could stem from many things. Brandon Ingram, his former teammate in Los Angeles who is now a member of the New Orleans Pelicans, has been fairly open about why he didn’t enjoy playing for the purple and gold. Some of that may apply in this particular instance as well.

Still, it’s hard not to view Nance’s apparent resentment towards the Lakers somewhat dubiously. Being on that stage is part of what paved the way for him establish himself as a promising role player. Without that opportunity, there’s a very good chance he wouldn’t have been one of several young Laker alumni who made serious bank a few years ago.

Hopefully at some point Nance will shine a light on what precisely he disliked about his Los Angeles stay – if for no other reason than so that Lakers brass could learn from it.

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