Larry Fitzgerald Opens Up About Life Without Fans

Larry Fitzgerald Opens Up About Life Without Fans

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald recently discussed how different playing football is in COVID-19 times.

More specifically, he opened up about how notably unique it is not to have tens of thousands screaming fans watching you play.

“You can check something and communicate very easily to your teammates,” he said.

“‘I got this guy, you got this guy,’ or you can hear the defense communicating when they’re talking, in and out or a bracket coverage; you can actually hear them talking to each other. OK, they’re playing zone or playing man.

“You have a better understanding of what’s going on just because you can hear everything and not hear the crowd distracting you. So it’s a lot easier to play on the road thus far. We’ve only had one road game, but it definitely wasn’t nearly as challenging as it has been the last 16 years.”

Interestingly enough, the lack of fans is not making a significant difference as far as home field advantage goes.

So far this year home teams have won 25 out of 49 total outings. That 51 percent mark is roughly in line with the 52 percent of games won by home teams in 2019-20.

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