Lamar Jackson’s Preferred NFL Team Amid Trade Rumors

Lamar Jackson’s Preferred NFL Team Amid Trade Rumors

Lamar Jackson’s ongoing standoff with the Baltimore Ravens regarding his new contract has led to a lot of trade rumors.

At this point Jackson has been linked to everyone starting with the New York Jets and ending with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Through it all, though – the 26-year-old hasn’t really tipped his hand regarding what precisely he wants for his future.

That changed a bit this past week.

According to NFL insider Mike Garafolo, Jackson has one clear preference as far team he wants to end up with.

“He wants to get a deal done and that’s the most important part,” Garafolo recalled Ravens defensive lineman Calais Campbell telling him.

“Sometimes guys who are part of a team and don’t want to be there anymore, use (free agency) as an opportunity to go elsewhere. But he wants to be (with the Ravens).”

Jackson reportedly wants a fully guaranteed five-year, $230 million-ish deal from Baltimore akin to what Deshaun Watson got from the Cleveland Browns. The Ravens, meanwhile, appear reluctant to make that sort of commitment to their oft-injured quarterback.

Hence the standoff.

At the moment, all signs point to Jackson getting franchise tagged. Whether it will be the exclusive or non-exclusive tag remains unclear.

Jackson’s list of three teams he would be willing to leave the Ravens for has always been a matter of public record. But it really does seem like he wants to stay in Baltimore – pending all sides coming to terms on a deal they are happy with.

A few weeks ago images emerged online suggesting that a Jackson trade was imminent.

That no longer appears to be the case.

All signs point to Jackson returning to the Ravens in some capacity come 2023.

Whether that is due to a franchise tag or new long-term deal remains to be seen.

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