Lamar Jackson’s DM To Fan Over Hooking Up With Girl Goes Viral (Photos)

Lamar Jackson’s DM To Fan Over Hooking Up With Girl Goes Viral (Photos)

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson is beloved by his teammates for his overall selfless nature.

As it turns out, that spirit extends beyond the football field.

This past week, a fan reached out to Jackson via DM with a very simple request.

Despite not knowing the fan personally, Jackson was quick to offer his assistance.

The pair’s exchange speaks for itself:

Lamar Jackson’s DM To Fan Over Hooking Up With Girl Goes Viral (Photos) 1

A man of the people if ever there was one.

Fun social media proclivities aside, Jackson is set to square off against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday after missing last week’s win against the Chicago Bears. The 24-year-old was out with an illness of some sort, that apparently was not COVID-related.

Jackson has tested positive for COVID twice over the past year and change. Fortunately, it seems like his most recent sickness wasn’t the result of that or getting poisoned.

Given his 4-1 record and 85.8 Total QBR versus Cleveland, it’s easy to see why Jackson would opt to return for this particular outing. He absolutely owns the Browns. Jackson’s QBR against them is the second-best Total QBR of any quarterback versus a particular squad since the stat was initially developed 15 years ago.

The fact that the Browns have completely turned on Baker Mayfield and appear to be in complete disarray also obviously doesn’t hurt.

Will Baltimore be able to further cement its stranglehold over the AFC North on Sunday evening and come away with a very important victory? Time will tell.

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