Lakers Working On Alex Caruso For Derrick Rose Trade

Lakers Working On Alex Caruso For Derrick Rose Trade

Lakers Working On Alex Caruso For Derrick Rose Trade

Are the Lakers working on a big Alex Caruso for Derrick Rose trade?

It appears they were, but ultimately ended up not going through with it.

According to a recent report on the Mason and Ireland Show, Los Angeles and Detroit discussed an interesting deal recently.

In the proposed trade, the Lakers would receive Rose for Caruso, a second round draft pick and salary considerations.

LA reportedly opted not to go through with it due to concerns about what it would do to the team’s defense.

The Lakers are currently 36-9 through 45 outings and sit atop the Western Conference. They have the league’s second best record behind the Milwaukee Bucks.

By any objective measure, the team is doing great.

That said, there are still some very notable holes that LA will need to patch up in order to go on a legitimate championship run.

One of those holes is that they simply do not have a playmaking point guard to drive the offense when LeBron James is off the court.

Essentially, when James and Anthony Davis are not dominating the ball, there is no one else to pick up the slack and create with the ball to keep opposing defenses honest.

Rose would be an ideal fix for that.

Apparently the team felt like his defensive liabilities outweighed his potential offense returns.

Will that decision come back to bite the Lakers?

Time will tell.

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