Lakers Trying To Get Rid Of 1 Player To Make Room For Bronny

Lakers Trying To Get Rid Of 1 Player To Make Room For Bronny

The Los Angeles Lakers have actively worked to position themselves to select Bronny James in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Despite the fact that team legends are literally mocking the organization’s pursuit of LeBron James’ eldest son, the front office seems intent on pushing forward.

The Boston Celtics recently being linked to Bronny only seemed to further add to the Lakers’ resolve.

On Wednesday reports emerged that the Lakers were looking to dump one current player in order to make room for Bronny.

“So, if Russell does opt in, and the Lakers do canvas the league for the two-way player they covet, does his expiring contract, Jalen Hood-Schifino (whose name, sources say, has been mentioned in trade talks this summer as the Lakers prepare to draft Bronny James at the same position) and a first-rounder land them the kind of talent that would stabilize the backcourt? That’s certainly the hope, and it all starts with Russell’s decision,” Anthony Irvin reported.

Hood-Schifino, 21, was obviously the Lakers’ first round pick last year. But he hasn’t shown anywhere near the sort of promise that guys like Jaime Jaquez Jr, Brandon Podziemski, and Cam Whitmore – who were drafted after him – showed.

In his rookie campaign he put up 1.6 points and 0.6 rebounds per game.

Hence his expendability.

Clearly the Lakers really want Bronny in this year’s draft. Will they dump Hood-Schifino in order to make room for him? An answer one way or the other is coming soon enough.

Carlos Garcia

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