Lakers Trading Kyle Kuzma To Raptors For Kyle Lowry?

Lakers Trading Kyle Kuzma To Raptors For Kyle Lowry?

Lakers Trading Kyle Kuzma To Raptors For Kyle Lowry?

Are the Lakers trading Kyle Kuzma to the Raptors for Kyle Lowry?

It is a deal that would certainly make a lot of sense.

Lowry, 33, is in the midst of another solid season with Toronto. On the year he is averaging 19 points and 7 assists per game, all the while helping lead his team to an 18-8 record through 26 games.

Many expected the Raptors to take a step back this year after their championship last season, but they have remained in the thick of the race for the top of the Eastern Conference.

The problem with Lowry as it pertains to Toronto is that the team is clearly looking to rebuild. With Pascal Siakam and Fred Van Fleet, the organization has their players of the future.

A 33-year-old Lowry is the odd man out. As noted by Adrian Wojnarowski on Sunday’s NBA Trade Special Show, a big reason why Torono ultimately gave Lowry such a massive contract is to make him more tradable.

“When [general manager] Masai Ujiri gave Lowry that extension before the season—one more year, took him out of this summer’s free agency, $30 million—there was really one reason for him to do it: It made him easier to trade,” Wojnarowski said.

“Because now teams have him under contract for another year. You know they want to re-sign Fred VanVleet, who will be a free agent, this summer.”

So if Lowry is on the move, who will step up to claim him?

Well, don’t sleep on LA.

The fact is, despite how good the Lakers have looked this year, they still have the same two weaknesses they had in the preseason: shooting and point guard play.

Lowry could fill at least one of those gaps.

Obviously the Lakers would have to give something up in return, though.

Kuzma is the organization’s last remaining young star, but he is clearly the odd man out on a roster focused on the now. Him coupled with a few pieces to make the money work would net Toronto a new promising young talent, and give the Lakers the point guard they desperately need.

Will the Raptors definitely trade Lowry to LA? Obviously nothing is set in stone. But if they did, it would drastically alter the postseason picture for all involved.

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