Dwight Howard’s Gay Accusations Lawsuit Gets Messy

Dwight Howard's Gay Accusations Lawsuit Gets Messy

More than a year ago a social media personality named Masin Elije came out and made some very serious accusations against Dwight Howard.

Essentially, Elije suggested that the pair was involved in some sort of relationship and that Howard enjoyed transgender parties. There were many other sordid claims made, as well as suggestions that violence was threatened against Elije.

Howard vehemently denied everything and that led to legal action being taken on both sides.

“I don’t know this person, never seen him,” he told TMZ. “Any allegation said about me is false.”

Elije filed a lawsuit, and Howard ultimately countersued.

According to Bossip, Howard accused Elije of slander, invasion of privacy and abusive litigation.

In his lawsuit counterclaim, Howard noted that he is “an upstanding citizen in all respects. Unfortunately, his public life and generosity have made him the target of the plaintiff as unrelenting and hostile smear campaign. And Maurice Singletary continues to aggressively harass, threaten, call and text Mr. Howard and besmirch his reputation on various social media platforms.”

Maurice Singletary is Elije’s real name.

Recently, the pair’s lawsuit took another messy turn when Howard requested a judge not make him hand over evidence in the case.

On March 2, he filed court documents noting that the evidence Elije’s team requested had nothing to do with the pending case and were simply designed to go after him.

In Howard’s opinion, if he were to hand the evidence over, it would simply be used as a means of harassing him further.

“Plaintiff has a significant history of using social media to harass, insult, annoy, embarrass, and defame Mr. Howard, and Plaintiff’s discovery is a mere continuation of the same,” Howard’s documents noted.

Now the onus is on the court to determine whether Howard’s request has merit. One way or the other, it appears as though this matter is not going away any time soon.

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