Lakers’ Montrezl Harrell Mocks Clippers After Latest Loss

Lakers’ Montrezl Harrell Mocks Clippers After Latest Loss

It was a tale of two LA teams on Tuesday night.

Faced with the prospect of going down 0-2 in their respective playoff showdowns, the Lakers and Clippers responded to adversity in polar opposite fashions.

The former squad quietly emerged with an impressive 109-102 victory over the Phoenix Suns, stealing homecourt advantage back in the process. The latter choked away a very winnable affair and homecourt to the Dallas Mavericks, losing 127-121.

After the fact, Lakers big man Montrezl Harrell took to social media to shade his former team just a little bit.

Lakers’ Montrezl Harrell Mocks Clippers After Latest Loss 1

Needless to say, folks took notice immediately.

Last year, while a member of the Clippers, Harrell famously had some locker room beef with Paul George. In the offseason, he was made to be the scapegoat for that and the team’s other struggles – conveniently ignoring that he wasn’t alone in either his qualms with George or the way the team carried itself.

Now, with the Clippers continuing to struggle even in his absence, Harrell is getting some measure of revenge.

This isn’t the first time Harrell has communicated openly and honestly about his resentment towards the Clippers. A little while back he went into great detail about the difference between playing for the two LA teams – much to the chagrin of Clippers Nation.

Obviously we’re still early in the playoff cycle and anything can happen, but at the moment it looks like Harrell making the jump to the Lakers was a pretty wise move.

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