Lakers Linked To Controversial 3-Team D’Angelo Russell Trade

Lakers Linked To Controversial 3-Team D’Angelo Russell Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers have repeatedly struck out on every single move they have made this offseason.

A summer that started out with a ton of promise, particularly given LeBron James’ apparent willingness to take less money, has devolved into L.A. appearing destined to go into next year with a roster worse than this season’s roster.

Right now, if Los Angeles can’t beat out the two teams they are fighting with for Lauri Markkanen, this could turn into an absolute nightmare of a July.

This week Fadeaway World proposed a 3-team season that could salvage this offseason, though. It revolves around D’Angelo Russell, whose departure is imminent, and could be the Lakers’ only feasible path to nab an All-Star.

In this proposed deal L.A. would get Brandon Ingram and Walker Kessler; the Utah Jazz would get Russell, Maxwell Lewis, a 2027 second-rounder from the Lakers and a 2030 second-rounder from the Lakers; and the New Orleans Pelicans would receive Rui Hachimura, Jalen Hood-Schifino, Gabe Vincent and the Lakers’ coveted 2029 first-rounder.

Why is this deal so controversial? Because it returns Ingram to Los Angeles. There has been a running theme of players leaving the Lakers, getting significantly better, and then requiring a ton of assets in order to get them back.

The same scenario is playing out with Kyle Kuzma. The Lakers are currently one of three teams vying for his services, when they simply could have just not prematurely gotten rid of him in the first place.

That being said – Ingram could be hugely beneficial to the Lakers. They need a reliable third option behind LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Ingram could be that, though obviously his consistency hasn’t been great throughout his career.

Still, L.A.’s options to improve the roster are limited at this point. If they don’t risk it all on getting someone like Ingram or Kuzma back, there is a very good chance they could miss the playoffs altogether next season.

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