Lakers, Heat Linked To Massive Blockbuster Trade

Lakers, Heat Linked To Massive Blockbuster Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat both experienced disappointing runs in 2024.

A year removed from making the Western Conference Finals, L.A. was viewed as a legitimate title contender coming into last season. Unfortunately, they simply couldn’t get it together.

In the end, the Lakers flamed out in the first round of this year’s playoffs.

Miami, similarly, couldn’t seem to recapture the magic that propelled them to the NBA Finals in 2023. Between injuries to core pieces like Jimmy Butler and an inability to gain any sort of real momentum, the Heat floundered this season.

Heading into the offseason, it appears as though both teams are looking to make a blockbuster move. Los Angeles has recently been linked to Klay Thompson and a possible deal with DeMar DeRozan. Miami has been connected to a massive Jimmy Butler trade.

In addition, according to NBA insider Sam Amico, the Lakers and Heat are aiming to move up in the 2024 NBA Draft.

“One league source told Hoops Wire last week that he envisions the Lakers and Heat making a strong play for a top-five pick,” Amico reported.

“Also, the Memphis Grizzlies hold the No. 9 overall pick and could be among those exploring the idea of moving down. Some feel that in this draft, there won’t be much of a difference in upside between, say, the Nos. 9 and 20 selections.”

The 2024 NBA Draft has been described as being historically weak, so the fact that the Lakers and Heat are interested in moving up is fascinating. There don’t appear to be any franchise players available whatsoever.

That said – clearly something is brewing. Where there is smoke, there is usually at least a little bit of a fire.

Will either the Lakers or Heat ultimately move up in the 2024 NBA Draft? Time will tell.

Anthony Amador

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