Lakers Getting Ready To Sign Dion Waiters?

Lakers Getting Ready To Sign Dion Waiters?

Lakers Getting Ready To Sign Dion Waiters?

Are the Lakers getting ready to sign Dion Waiters? On the heels of picking up Markieff Morris, the team continues to search for ways to improve.

According to ESPN NBA insider Brian Windhorst, the organization is now taking a serious look at Waiters.

The 28-year-old was waived by the Memphis Grizzlies this past month after being included in a trade between them and the Miami Heat for Andre Iguodala.

“I don’t know if Dion Waiters is an answer,” Windhorst said recently.

“They’re going to give Dion a look. They had a meeting with him last week.

“I expect they will have a workout with him in the short-term and see what kind of condition he’s in. They’re mulling it over and it’s because they need some sort of perimeter player who can score a little bit.”

The Lakers currently boast a 43-12 record – good for first place in the Western Conference.

Although the team has performed well all year long, it still has some notable holes that need to be plugged.

Three-point shooting is obviously a big weakness that Morris will hopefully be able to address to some degree, but will continue to be an issue.

The other big area of concern is the lack of playmakers on the roster outside of LeBron James. Waiters could help a bit in that regard, even if all he is doing is providing a scoring burst off the bench.

Unfortunately, although Waiters is an undeniably talented player, he also comes with a ton of baggage.

Before being traded to Memphis, Waiters found himself repeatedly suspended by the Heat for various infractions.

These infractions ranged from stuff like causing a scene on the team bench to his inability to respect authority to abusing THC.

All of these things are red flags, clearly.

“Dion doesn’t just have to convince the Lakers,” Windhorst said. “He has to convince LeBron.”

The one thing that the Lakers have going for them right now is superb chemistry. While they need additional offensive support, it cannot come at the cost of disrupting the rhythm and flow the organization has been in all year long.

A final decision on Waiters one way or the other should come at some point in the next few weeks.

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