Lakers’ Best Trade Offer To Bulls For Zach LaVine

Lakers’ Best Trade Offer To Bulls For Zach LaVine

The Los Angeles Lakers have struck out repeatedly in their efforts to improve the roster ahead of next season.

Despite big names like Klay Thompson and DeMar DeRozan being floated over the past few weeks, nobody has actually agreed to come to L.A. Given what the Atlanta Hawks are demanding of the Lakers in any Trae Young trade, it is hard to see that deal materializing as well.

This week, LeBron James was forced to address why nobody seems to want to play with him. Things have gotten that bad.

One option that remains out there for the Lakers is Zach LaVine. The Chicago Bulls have made it no secret that they want to trade him.

But what can L.A. realistically bring to the table? It starts with a package centering around D’Angelo Russell and Rui Hachimura. From there you just need add-ons like Jarred Vanderbilt or Gabe Vincent.

“I think the Lakers could make it work if they really want to,” NBA insider Jovan Buha said this week.

“From a cap sheet perspective of like matching salaries, it would have to be something like D-Lo, Rui and then you could go Vando or Gabe and you’re basically right there. Zach’s making $43 million next year, so you could get in that ballpark with those three guys.

“Now, it is a three-for-one trade. I’m sure Chicago would likely try to put someone else in the deal, just from like a roster construction perspective of they don’t really want to take on two extra contracts. So, that could be a haggling point and then if they’re willing to give up a first-round pick.”

Because nobody seems to want LaVine, the Lakers could theoretically get him in a pretty favorable deal.

“Literally, there is no market for Zach LaVine,” NBA insider Bobby Marks said this past week.

“They are trying to give him away and attach a first-round pick. I’ve been told that by multiple, multiple people and that is not happening.”

While the market for LaVine is soft, there are still three teams interested in his services – for the right price.

One way or another, it feels like LaVine getting dealt is inevitable. Where will he end up playing when everything is said and done? Time will tell.

Jennifer Withers Hoey

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