Kyrie Irving’s Cryptic Tweet Amid James Harden Beef

Kyrie Irving’s Cryptic Tweet Amid James Harden Beef

James Harden has his sights set on life after the Brooklyn Nets. The talented shooting guard has the option of becoming a free agent after this season, and at the moment, all signs point to him going that route.

Earlier this week a report emerged suggesting that part of the reason why Harden was ready to leave New York was because of the preferential treatment Kyrie Irving had gotten over his COVID vaccination status.

You will recall, Irving was part of a prolonged saga that saw him petition to only play in away games (because NY mandates players playing at home to be vaccinated), get that request rejected by the Nets, sit out the entire first half of the season, and then abruptly be permitted to serve as a part-time player in early January.

Harden, meanwhile, has been carrying the load for the Nets despite Irving sitting out for vaccination-related reasons and Durant being out hurt over the past couple of weeks.

Understandably, he is frustrated.

On Wednesday, less than 24 hours after news of Harden’s beef with Irving went viral, Irving published this cryptic tweet:

Take from that what you will.

At the end of the day, Irving always has and will continue to march to the beat of his own drum. Nothing Harden says or does will change that.

Harden, meanwhile, is clearly over it. He already has his sights set on his next team.

If Brooklyn somehow manages to win a title this year, obviously everything is up in the air and Harden might stay with the Nets.  But barring that occurring, the smart money is on him playing elsewhere come 2022-23.

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