Kyrie Irving Reveals His Biggest Fear Amid Nets Return (Video)

Kyrie Irving Reveals His Biggest Fear Amid Nets Return (Video)

Kyrie Irving has yet to play a single game for the Brooklyn Nets this year.

Because the 29-year-old refused to get vaccinated coming into the season, and as a result of New York mandates forcing home athletes to get their shots, he was only eligible to play in away games. For a while the Nets refused to accommodate that – and Irving lost a lot of money in the process.

In December, however – things changed. Injuries and COVID-related absences made Irving’s return a necessity, and Brooklyn ultimately caved.

Going forward, Irving will be permitted to only play in away games.

During a recent media session with reporters, Irving admitted that there was some hesitancy involved with his big NBA return.

Specifically, he also confessed his biggest fear: not playing up to the standard he has previously set for himself.

“Last night I could barely sleep,” he said per Brian Lewis of the New York Post. “I’m like, man, I just don’t want to come out and not be who I know I am as a player…(My) heart racing and just not being nervous and touching the basketball again, and just the rhythm of the game. I missed it.”

Irving also said there was no ill-will between him and the Nets for what has transpired.

“I understood their decision and I respected it,” he said.

“I really had to sit back and think and try not to become too emotionally attached. To what they were deciding to do, I had to sit down and really evaluate things and see it from their perspective, meaning the organization and my teammates. I just really empathized and understood their choice to say, ‘If you’re not going to be fully vaccinated, then you can’t be a full participant.’

“I knew the consequences. I wasn’t prepared for them, by no stretch of the imagination. Coming into the season, I had my thought process on being able to be a full-time teammate and go out and have fun and provide a sense of a great brand of basketball out there. But unfortunately, it didn’t happen like that.”

Irving’s resistance to getting vaccinated took a toll. His relationship with the Nets, regardless of what he says, suffered. Same with his friendship with teammate Kevin Durant.

Irving’s return date is set. It will be interesting to see how he ultimately performs when he is out there.

If the Nets win a title this year thanks to Irving’s contributions, all his early-season woes will be forgotten. If not – don’t be surprised if people wonder whether the team made the right call letting him return.

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