Kyrie Irving Calls Out Team USA Ahead Of Mavericks Playoff Run

Kyrie Irving Calls Out Team USA Ahead Of Mavericks Playoff Run

Kyrie Irving and the Dallas Mavericks are preparing to take on the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the 2024 NBA Playoffs.

Ahead of that big matchup, though – Irving opted to take aim at the U.S. National Basketball Team.

Irving wasn’t invited to be a member of this most recent incarnation of the group, and he seemed to take issue with that.

“I wish my brothers well, and I just didn’t fit into this team,” he said.

“I think the elimination process was a tough one. But again, I have nothing but respect for those guys over at USAB. You know, at this point in my career I think my focus should be on winning a championship [with the Mavericks] and, you know, in the summertime just going and support those guys when I get a chance.

“I grew up in a time too, where you actually had to try out for USAB. And we did meet up as a group and as peers, and there was a mutual respect that we earned from one another and trying and then seeing what vibe meshed well,” he continued.

“So, I think obviously the timing’s a little bit different. But, yeah, I kind of miss those days of just being able to get everybody together, break bread, and then compete against one another. And then the deliberation process happens at the end of the four days or five days.”

Irving’s Mavericks are one of the hottest teams in basketball right now.

Will he make Team USA rue the day they opted not to add him by making a deep playoff run with the Mavericks? Time will tell.

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