Kyle Kuzma Takes Jab At Austin Rivers After Lakers Win

Kyle Kuzma Takes Jab At Austin Rivers After Lakers Win

Kyle Kuzma Takes Jab At Austin Rivers After Lakers Win

Kyle Kuzma took a little jab at Austin Rivers following the Los Angeles Lakers’ 119-96 victory on Saturday night.

Midway through the four quarter of Game 5, a humorous sequence occurred between Rivers and LeBron James.

Essentially, Rivers accidentally bounced the ball off James’ head, prompting an angry response from James. Rivers immediately threw up his hands, suggesting that he meant no ill-will.

Some fans at home suggested that Rivers was scared, while others noted that he just wanted to clear up the reality of what had happened.

Either way, Kuzma found the exchange hilarious. And when he got home, the Lakers forward confirmed that he was still laughing about it.

After a Game 1 where they upset the Lakers and made folks seriously question whether a conference finals slot was in their future, the Rockets completely collapsed in Games 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Los Angeles, meanwhile, bounced back strong and proved to everyone that they are  force to be reckoned with.

Next up they will play the winner of the LA Clippers’ series against the Denver Nuggets.

Game 6 between the Clippers and Nuggets is set for Sunday. If Denver wins, Game 7 would take place on Tuesday.

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