Kyle Kuzma Hilariously Mocks Lakers In Latest Interview

Kyle Kuzma Hilariously Mocks Lakers In Latest Interview

The end of Kyle Kuzma’s run with the Los Angeles Lakers was hard for all parties involved. Clearly the team desperately wanted to get rid of him. And he very obviously no longer wanted to be part of an organization that blamed him for things that sometimes were, and other times were not his fault.

Thankfully, LA put Kuzma out of his misery when they traded him to the Washington Wizards this past offseason in the Russell Westbrook deal.

Everyone knows how that move ultimately panned out for the Lakers.

More importantly, though – Kuzma clearly hasn’t forgotten how he was treated.

This week, he did an interview during which he made it very clear that he was still salty about the end of his Lakers run.

“It’s been a great change of pace for me, a change of scenery,” he told Josh Robbins of The Athletic.

“I did as much as I (could) to maximize (myself) when I was with my former team, with changing my role every single year for the betterment of the team and trying to fit in with great players. But here, it’s been a lot different, because I don’t necessarily have to do that. My role has changed here.

“If you think about the first 25 games, I was in a different type of role than I am now: more scoring and just doing more things with the ball. It’s just great to be in a situation where I can just be myself and do what I do, and not dummy myself down.”

This isn’t the first time Kuzma has taken a shot at the Lakers in recent months.

Whether it’s describing the one big reason why he was thrilled to finally be out of LA or just describing the general bitterness he felt at various points – Kuzma has consistently kept it real on this topic.

It will be interesting to see if the bad will he clearly still has for the Lakers subsides at some point. If it doesn’t, we could be in for many more years of interviews where Kuzma lowkey bashes his old squad in new and creative ways.

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