Kyle Kuzma Expresses Frustration With Wizards, Bradley Beal

Kyle Kuzma Expresses Frustration With Wizards, Bradley Beal

Kyle Kuzma is set to become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

All signs currently point to him going elsewhere once that occurs.

This past week the Washington Wizards fell to the Atlanta Hawks 122-120, and Kuzma wasn’t a fan of how the game ultimately played out.

As far as Kuzma is concerned, the team’s offense needs a lot of work. Especially given how predictable it is.

“For sure [it’s too predictable],” said Kuzma.

“At the end of the day, that’s what we live and die with. It’s cool. A lot of times, we have the ball in the 4th and it’s Brad[ley Beal]’s ball. It’s his time in the 4th, and it’s his team so we just live and die by it, and it’s cool. Whatever happens, you just live with it.”

It’s something of an open secret at this point that at least two teams are interested in scooping Kuzma up this summer. Whether they will want to pay him the $20 million he wants annually is unclear, but chances are they will.

By any objective measure, Kuzma is a star on and off the court. As evidenced by how viral his intimate photos with girlfriend Winnie Harlow went recently, he is one of the league’s more prominent young stars.

As such, he has a lot more room to pick his next team than lesser known and respected free agents.

Obviously Kuzma could still return to Washington come 2023-24, but it doesn’t feel like that is going to happen.

Barring something crazy happening, this is probably Kuzma’s last season as a member of the Wizards’ organization.

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