Kyle Kuzma Does Not Care If Lakers Trade Him

Kyle Kuzma Does Not Care If Lakers Trade Him

Kyle Kuzma Does Not Care If Lakers Trade Him

Kyle Kuzma does not care if the Lakers trade him. The 24-year-old has made his peace with the business side of the NBA, and he refuses to fret over it.

Speaking to reporters recently, Kuzma was asked if he was concerned that his name keeps being mentioned in various trade rumors.

The former University of Utah standout was blunt in his response.

“Nah, that’s for y’all to talk about,” he replied.

“I’ve been through it multiple times, and obviously I see it. But it don’t even matter at this point.”

Kuzma is fresh off his best pair of games of the year. He scored 26 points in a win against the Dallas Mavericks last Friday and then subsequently put up 36 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday.

Anthony Davis did not play in the Mavericks game, and both Davis and LeBron James missed the Thunder outing.

His totals came back down to earth on Monday against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Kuzma only scored 11 points in that one.

Forced to play alongside both Davis and James, Kuzma is currently putting up some of the worst numbers of his career.

That said, his recent successful stretch reignited talk of his possible trade value to the Lakers.

The team’s head coach Frank Vogel thinks Kuzma has legitimately turned a corner.

“I think it’s real,” he said.

“Like I said, a lot of it is just he’s been hampered by the injuries and just struggling a little bit to try to find his rhythm.

“But since he’s been back, since we shut him down for a few games, he’s been playing at a really high level,” Vogel continued.

“A couple games where he didn’t really score the ball well, but hopefully this is just another step in that growth into that role, and hopefully he keeps it going.”

It remains to be seen what the Lakers ultimately decide to do with their talented youngster, but the trade talk is not going anywhere.

With the Feb. 6 trade still three weeks away, expect to continue hearing Kuzma’s name brought up in these sorts of talks for the foreseeable future.

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