Kyle Anderson On His Current Relationship With Rudy Gobert

Kyle Anderson On His Current Relationship With Rudy Gobert

Kyle Anderson addressed his current relationship with Rudy Gobert this week following the pair’s scuffle during a recent game.

Over the weekend, in arguably the Minnesota Timberwolves’ most important outing of the year, Anderson and Gobert got into it near the bench. Their verbal argument culminated in the latter taking a swing at the former.

Leaked audio from the locker room afterward showed Anderson extremely angry about what transpired.

Gobert was ultimately sent home and suspended for one game.

On Tuesday, ahead of the Wolves’ looming showdown against the Lakers, Anderson broke down where things stand between him and Gobert.

“We definitely hashed it out,” Anderson said.

“That happens all the time in sports. I feel like people are acting like they’ve never seen it before. We’re grown men. We’re able to put it behind us.

“We both want to win. We spoke about it that night and just seeing how everything is playing out is kind of lame, honestly. We’re teammates at the end of the day. I don’t want it to be a Kyle vs. Rudy thing. That’s never the case. I always got my teammates’ back, and we’ve moved on.”

So there you have it.

This obviously isn’t the first time Gobert has had issues with a teammate. It’s something of a reoccurring theme. Some guys on the Utah Jazz hated him, and the same seems to be occurring in Minnesota. Anderson isn’t the only member of the Timberwolves who has taken issue with Gobert.

Where does that leave everyone? It’s unclear. The Timberwolves obviously invested a ton of draft capital in Gobert’s acquisition.

They have to make this relationship work.

Year 1 of the experiment has been a failure, but maybe things will improve going forward.

Anderson seems committed to not letting this Gobert thing fester. Will both parties be able to fully move on? Time will tell.

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