Kurt Suzuki Confirms Astros Cheating In 2019 World Series

Kurt Suzuki Confirms Astros Cheating In 2019 World Series

Kurt Suzuki Confirms Astros Cheating In 2019 World Series

Kurt Suzuki confirmed the Astros cheated in the 2019 World Series during a recent interview.

Major League Baseball has found evidence that Houston cheating for their 2017 World Series run. That much is not up for debate. What most people are unsure of at this point, however, is whether cheating occurred in 2019.

One Washington Nationals player believes that they absolutely, positively did.

In an interview with Washington Post MLB insider Thomas Boswell, Suzuki claimed that there is “no question” that Astros players were cheating in the postseason last year.

“We could hear it from their dugout,” he said.

“We heard their whistling,” Suzuki continued. “What are you going to do?”

According to Suzuki, Washington did its best to counteract the cheating by changing their signs during ever at-bat. Sometimes the team even went as far as changing them in the middle of at-bats.

“When Max Scherzer has two strikes on you and he throws one 98 miles per hour near your head and you smash it — come on, nobody does that,” he said.

“We got a couple of big strikeouts when their crowd was so loud they couldn’t hear. The whole thing was crazy.

“I got messed up on signs a couple of times, had to call time and take us out of rhythm.

“I kept thinking, ‘We have to go to the field and work early on our signs in the World Series just to stop their cheating.’ It’s so stupid and so wrong.”

Houston brass maintains that its far-reaching signal-stealing operation came to a conclusion before last year, but obviously nobody is buying it. Whether the claim is true or not, the Astros simply have no credibility left.

In Suzuki’s estimation, the cheating did not stop last year – the Astros simply “got better at it.”

Although there is no evidence of Houston cheating in 2019 up to this point, it certainly would not be all that shocking if Suzuki’s claims were in fact proven to be true.

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