Knicks Fan Fat Joe’s Brutal Shot At Julius Randle, Carmelo Anthony

Knicks Fan Fat Joe’s Brutal Shot At Julius Randle, Carmelo Anthony

The New York Knicks are the only franchise in the NBA that can rival the Los Angeles Lakers when it comes to celebrity fans.

Because of that, you can always count on some actor or musician to come in and weigh in on various Knicks-related happenings.

Case in point: what rapper Fat Joe did recently.

During an interview from last week, Fat Joe got brutally honest about Julius Randle and Carmelo Anthony’s places in franchise lore.

“Melo is a black hole, he is my brother, but Melo is just like Randle, and I love Randle,” Fat Joe said.

“I mean, everybody might be mad at me after this show right here but f**k it, let’s do it. Randle, if the ball is being moved and they are doing great, he is a black hole. He wants to sit there and hog the ball, do a little drop step, and shoot the s**t.

“That is the same s**t Melo was doing. Whenever everybody is moving around, ya’ll like hold-up let me get there, let me get it, let me get my buckets.”

Randle underwent a pretty major body transformation this summer, but it doesn’t appear to have earned him much favor with Knicks faithful. Nor the rest of the league, actually. There’s a reason absolutely nobody wants him at this point.

As for Anthony, he is what he is. But at least he at one point was an elite player in the NBA, which excuses away some of his shortcomings. Randle was never that.

It will be interesting to see if Randle ultimately takes some of the criticism he gets, like Fat Joe’s, to heart. If he does, maybe will adjust his game a bit for 2022-23.

If he doesn’t, expect Randle to struggle the same way next season as he did last.

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