Kliff Kingsbury’s Girlfriend Shares Boat Party Photos Amid NFL Rumors

Kliff Kingsbury’s Girlfriend Shares Boat Party Photos Amid NFL Rumors

Kliff Kingsbury’s girlfriend Veronica Bielik shared some wild boat party photos this week amid nonstop rumors about his NFL future.

Following a disastrous campaign with Arizona Cardinals in 2022-23, Kingsbury got his walking papers.

As soon as it happened the 43-year-old turned off his cell phone, hopped on a flight to Thailand and met up with his special lady friend for a little rest and relaxation. The imagery that came out of their reunion was self-explanatory.

After getting his head right, Kingsbury returned to the U.S. and began chatting with teams about his NFL future. The Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens were among the organizations he spoke with, though nothing official has materialized to date.

While Kingsbury’s professional life appears a bit unsettled at this point, his personal life seems to be going quite well. This week Bielik shared some imagery from her wild boat party and, while its unclear whether her beau was present or not, it still left something of an impression online.


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“Beautiful girls,” one fan replied.

“Wow so much beauty together, radiates light every day, thank you and congratulations,” another fan agreed.

“What amazing pictures. You are a beautiful trio. I love these pictures. Happy Birthday,” a third fan chimed in.

Obviously Bielik is no stranger to going viral with her provocative photos.

And while her stuff doesn’t quite blow up online as much as Trevor Lawrence’s wife’s wild St. Patrick’s party photos did, or Baker Mayfield’s wife’s racy Miami clubbing photos did, they still do extremely well.

All in all, it will be interesting to see how Kingsbury ultimately bounces back. He caught a lot of flak, understandably, for the way his Cardinals fell apart last year. But a lot of that obviously had to do with what an inept and immature quarterback Kyler Murray is, too.

If Kingsbury can get another shot in the pro ranks or within the college game, it would certainly clear up who was truly to blame for Arizona’s run in 2022-23.

Where will Kingsbury ultimately go from here? Time will tell, but Bielik will undoubtedly be there cheering him on every step of the way.

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