Klay Thompson’s Warriors Future Gets More Bad News

Klay Thompson’s Warriors Future Gets More Bad News

Klay Thompson is entering the final season of his five-year, $189 million contract with the Golden State Warriors.

Where both sides will go from here has remained a huge topic of conversation around the league.

It is something of an open secret within NBA circles that the Warriors don’t want to give Thompson the sort of payday he clearly hopes to get from them. News of how far apart the two sides currently are surfaced publicly last week – prompting a notable response from Thompson on social media.

This week more bad news on the Thompson contract front came along.

“The Warriors and Klay Thompson have been discussing an extension,” Charania said.

“But from what I’m told, there’s a significant gap in years and money. The negotiations right now from what I’m told, they’re at a dead point. Thompson wants much more than the Warriors are offering overall in both years and salary… As of right now, all signs point to Klay Thompson going into free agency in the summer.”

This is obviously an uncomfortable situation for everyone.

“In an ideal world, the Warriors want to take care of him, they want to pay him,” Charania noted.

“But they also want to see how the season goes and Klay Thompson, he’s going to have a chip on his shoulder I think.”

Thompson, for his part, understands that he will need to prove the haters and critics wrong this year.

“No championship hangover this summer,” Thompson said.

“I was very driven and I worked extremely hard. I know I don’t have 10 more years to do this so I have to enjoy every single day. I feel great, this is the best I have physically felt in years. I am excited to show the world I am still capable of greatness.”

Thompson has been and continues to be a huge fan favorite. Between his way with the ladies and the love Stephen Curry has for him, the man is a icon for a reason.

But he is also an injury-prone guy on the wrong side of 33.

The likelihood that he can justify anything even remotely close to a max deal is slim.

Will Thompson and the Warriors be able to get on the same page and knock out a mutually beneficial deal? Time will tell.

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