Klay Thompson Upset With Steph Curry Over LeBron James Trade Offer?

Klay Thompson Upset With Steph Curry Over LeBron James Trade Offer?

Klay Thompson being benched by the Golden State Warriors and subsequently dropping 35 points on the Utah Jazz on Thursday night made for a great story.

It also overshadowed something that occurred one day earlier in Thompson’s disastrous game against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Part of the way through the game, Thompson completely ignored Stephen Curry’s attempt to dap him up:

Fans couldn’t help but notice that this came on the heels of a report revealing that the Warriors tried to acquire LeBron James from the Los Angeles Lakers at the NBA Trade Deadline.

Thompson almost certainly would have been sent to L.A. in that proposal.

As a result, fans wondered if maybe Thompson was angry at Curry for not vetoing the move:

The theory began to pick up steam as people looked closer and closer at the video:

After the Jazz win, Thompson spoke out about what it meant to him having been relegated to the bench.

“I thought about Manu Ginobili,” Thompson said. “That guy has four rings and a gold medal, and he came off the bench his whole career. And I don’t think anyone looks down on his Hall of Fame candidacy because he’s one of the greats. I embraced it before tip.”

Thompson also acknowledged he felt better physically as a result of the shift.

“Coming off the bench gave me fresh legs, especially on a back-to-back, that was nice to come in with a fresh, clean slate,” he added.

It will be interesting to see how Thompson’s relationship with Curry progresses from here.

Was their awkward encounter during the Clippers game a byproduct of a one-time, frustrating outing? Or is there a rift emerging in their relationship? One way or another, an answer will reveal itself soon enough.

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