Klay Thompson Reveals Steve Kerr’s Blunt Message To Him (Video)

Klay Thompson Reveals Steve Kerr’s Blunt Message To Him (Video)

Klay Thompson has been in the midst of a pretty rough campaign with the Golden State Warriors.

Because contract negotiations between him and the front office have gone so poorly, the 33-year-old has been playing terribly on the court and sulking a whole lot off it.

It got to the point where Warriors head coach, Steve Kerr, felt like enough was enough. He sat down with Thompson and told him it was time for a change.

Thompson relayed the details from that conversation during a session with the media this week.

“Steve and I had a great conversation yesterday. That helped me relax a lot,” Thompson said.

“Sometimes, I forget just how successful and how lucky I’ve been to be a part of championship teams and All-Star games and gold medals. You want to get back to that level so badly, you can kind of get in your own way.

“Rather than forcing it, we had a conversation about just enjoying this last chapter of my career and how lucky I truly am to still be playing this game and do it at a high level, and being a better mentor for the young guys, leading by example, having my energy right every game. He helped me realize I do have negative energy, how that affects a team in a poor manner,” he continued.

“We had a great conversation. That just helped me change my whole mindset and forget about shooting splits or points per game or All-Star games and just to enjoy being in this Warriors uniform and appreciate what we’ve built, because it’s such a rare opportunity for any professional athlete to be a part of so much success.”

Nobody can blame Thomspon for feeling some type of way. He isn’t the only Warrior seeing his role change within the organization. There is a reason Andrew Wiggins’ girlfriend sent out that cryptic message this week.

That being said, just like Wiggins, Thompson can only control what he can control.

And that is the message Kerr tried to convey to him.

Will Thompson’s change in attitude lead to better play from him going forward? Time will tell.

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