Klay Thompson Offers Thoughts On His Warriors Future

Klay Thompson Offers Thoughts On His Warriors Future

In a week full of special NBA performances, Klay Thompson’s showing against the Atlanta Hawks might have been the most impressive of them all.

Not only did Thompson drop 54 points on the opposition, but he also led his Golden State squad to an epic double overtime victory.

Given everything he has been through over the last few years, Thompson was understandably reflective following the game.

Specifically, Thompson took a moment to acknowledge how special it was to be able to do this again as a member of the Warriors. He is currently making $40 million this season and then has $43.2 million coming to him next year.

After that – it’s unrestricted free agency.

“After this year, there’s only one year left on my deal. So I just told myself, like, man, I’ve gotta enjoy every day in a Warriors uniform,” Thompson said, as noted by Tim Kawakami of The Athletic.

“This is such an incredible place to be in, defending champions, and to see the banners we’ve won and just the brand that’s been built here. I’ve just had to remind myself daily that this literally is a dream I’m living.

“What matters most is just having fun and playing hard. All the numbers, all the big nights will come as long as I do those two things.”

Thompson also really appreciates the assurance of having that 2023-24 season locked up on his deal.

“Just, like, the certainty of it,” he added.

“I don’t really think too much beyond that. I think it’s just a blessing, honestly, to earn three contracts with one franchise. I’m much more appreciative than I was, say, in 2019, let’s just say that.”

The Warriors are currently 20-18 and sit ninth in the Western Conference. After a slow start to the season they are now 6-4 in their last 10 outings and have won five straight.

Once Stephen Curry returns to the fold, they should be right back in the conversation for one of the scariest teams in the West.

Obviously Thompson has some enemies around the league, but for the most part everyone just wants to see him succeed.

Will 2023 prove to be the year he reclaims his old, pre-injury form?

An answer one way or the other should emerge soon enough.

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