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Kirk Herbstreit, David Pollack Have Harsh Words For Florida

Kirk Herbstreit, David Pollack Have Harsh Words For Florida

Fourth-year Florida cornerback Marco Wilson committed a costly unsportsmanlike conduct penalty during this weekend’s showdown against LSU.

After the fact, Gators head coach Dan Mullen defended his player.

This week, Kirk Herbstreit and David Pollack took issue with that.

“A guy can throw five interceptions, I’ll talk about the safety made a good play — wow, the corner adjusted on the ball — you’ll never hear me be critical of players that play college football, hardly ever,” Herbstreit said on Monday’s episode of the CFB Podcast with Herbie, Pollack & Neghandi.

“The only time that I get frustrated is when players do that, like they make it about them. They get caught up at the end of an individual battle like we’re at The Opening and it’s a 1-on-1.

“Forget the situational awareness that it’s third-and-one and you get them off the field and the defense did their job and you’re going to get the ball back to (fifth-year senior quarterback) Kyle Trask and they’re going to go down with the best kicker in college football and win the game. Like, forget that. It’s, ‘Oh, no, no.’

“And I love Dan Mullen, but he doubled down with his explanation yesterday on instead of saying, ‘That was a mistake,” he continued.

“What was he thinking? We’ve got to be better than that. That’s undisciplined. That’s not who we are.’ He supported him. And to me, you not only lost an opportunity with that player — you lost an opportunity with the entire team. You really just said you’re cool with that culture, which, to me, is a whole different discussion.”

Pollack agreed with that sentiment.

“Does this happen at ‘Bama? Does this happen at Clemson? Does this happen at UGA? Does this happen at Ohio State? The premier programs and the programs that know how to compete and know that it’s not about them — they don’t do these things,” he said.

“… At some point, great teams — great organizations — realize, ‘All I do when I throw that shoe or celebrate is I make it about me. That’s all I do. It’s about me and I’ve made it about me. The great teams, the great organizations — they make it about we and they make it about team and they consistently do it week in and week out.”

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