Kevin Stefanski Makes Big First Move As Browns Coach

Kevin Stefanski Makes Big First Move As Browns Coach

Kevin Stefanski Makes Big First Move As Browns Coach

Kevin Stefanski made a big first move as Browns coach on Sunday.

Shortly after it was announced that Cleveland had decided to hire Stefanski as the team’s new head coach, another interesting tidbit emerged.

Stefanski, the now former Minnesota Vikings offensive coordinator, had his sights set on an offensive coordinator to fill out his new coaching staff.

Who is that offensive coordinator? That we don’t know.

What we do know, though, is that it is not the team’s current offensive coordinator Todd Monken.

According to ESPN NFL insider Jeremy Fowler, Monken is out.

The presumption is that Monken will now take a job at the collegiate level.

Prior to arriving in Cleveland, Monken served as an offensive coordinator with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

With him at the helm, the Bucs ranked in the top ten in points in both 2017 and 2018, and led the league in passing yards in 2018.

Obviously Monken was unable to carry over that success to Cleveland.

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  1. Browns good grief… I’m a die hard Vikings fan and you are going to regret this. Why didn’t you hire the 49ers defense coordinator ? He just made Stefanski look like a fool, but you hire our OC , this is why you are never any good…

    1. Because he wasn’t hired to be an OC in Cleveland. They hired him based on his experience in the league, hard work, and leadership…not on his offensive play calling. The guy is an Ivy League graduate…he’s not dumb. They need discipline, that’s what he brings, and he is willing to work with ownership and the analytics team, something previous coaches and GM’s have not been willing to do. They haven’t been good, because they’ve previously hired people with whoa-is-me boo-hoo personalities, like yours.

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