Kevin Durant’s 1-Word Message On His KD 16s Causes A Stir

Kevin Durant’s 1-Word Message On His KD 16s Causes A Stir

Kevin Durant wore his special blackout KD 16s for the Phoenix Suns’ first game of the Western Conference semifinals.

After eliminating the Los Angeles Clippers quite easily in the first round of the NBA playoffs, Phoenix earned the right to play the No. 1 seed Denver Nuggets in the second round.

Durant appeared locked in for Game 1 – and he seemingly utilized his shoes to send a message to the opposition.

That message?


Unfortunately, Game 1 proved to be anything other than easy for the Suns. Despite 29 points from Durant on a very efficient 12-of-19 from the field, Denver still blew them out by 18.

While that took some luster off the message on Durant’s shoes, it didn’t make people appreciate the style any less. Fans offered their take on the kicks on social media in the aftermath.

Late last week Durant became just the third player to receive a lifetime deal from Nike. And when they are putting out incredible products like this together, it’s easy to see why all parties involved would want to keep the relationship going.

It will be interesting to see how Durant and the Suns ultimately fare against Denver going forward.

The Nuggets don’t have as much star power as the Suns do, but they have a much deeper squad.

Will Durant be able to lead the Suns past the Nuggets in the second round? Time will tell.

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