Kentucky’s John Calipari To Be Punished For Touching Holly Rowe?

Kentucky’s John Calipari To Be Punished For Touching Holly Rowe?

In the midst of an already-disastrous college basketball season, Kentucky head coach John Calipari went and found a brand new way to land himself in hot water.

During a recent game, Calipari stopped to speak to reporter Holly Rowe regarding what he said to his players during a first half timeout.

This is how he opted to do it:

Needless to say, many fans didn’t take kindly to Calipari’s decision to touch Rowe.

The responses flowed in immediately, though some did stop to defend the Kentucky head coach:

This has been a season to forget for the Wildcats so far, and this most recent headache is just icing on the cake.

So far on the year Kentucky is 11-6 and sits ninth in the conference. Aside from one shining moment, Calipari has done an extremely underwhelming job getting his guys ready up to this point.

So will he face punishment for the Rowe incident? It’s hard to say.

According to Kyle Tucker of The Athletic, Caliapri and the school’s AD Mitch Barnhart don’t even talk anymore.

If things have gone that bad in their relationship and Caliapri remains head coach despite seemingly never-ending disappointments, it doesn’t seem like anyone has the power to reprimand him for anything anyway.

Based on recent history, the smart money points to Caliapri emerging from this incident unscathed.

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