Kendrick Perkins Called Out For What He Did At Lakers Game

Kendrick Perkins Called Out For What He Did At Lakers Game

Kendrick Perkins was called out for his behavior at a Los Angeles Lakers game this week.

On Saturday night, ESPN televised L.A.’s showdown against the Denver Nuggets.

Not only was it a rematch of last year’s Western Conference Finals, but it also marked the game where LeBron James would surpass 40,000 points for his career.

One moment that wound up going viral in the aftermath had nothing to do with the players, though. Rather, it involved Perkins attempting to eavesdrop on a conversation:

NBA fans always have been and always will be a vocal bunch.

Because of that, folks had a lot of reactions to Perkins’ behavior.

Over the past few years Perkins has established himself as one of the more memorable sports personalities around.

Given his persona as a player, nobody really saw that coming.

Saturday’s antics are a great example of why he has carved out his own little niche, though.

What will Perkins ultimately go viral for next? Time will tell.

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