Kemba Walker, Celtics Both Desperate For Trade?

Kemba Walker, Celtics Both Desperate For Trade?

The Boston Celtics were quickly and quietly booted from the NBA playoffs by the Brooklyn Nets two weeks ago. It was a fitting conclusion to an extremely disappointing year.

Following their elimination from the postseason, Danny Ainge was the first domino to drop. He “retired,” but reportedly has his sights set on landing with a far less dysfunctional group.

The next domino to drop?

Kemba Walker.

According to Farbod Esnaashari of Bleacher Report, both sides have seemingly reached the point of no return.

“A source close to Walker said he was hurt by Boston’s efforts to trade him, which created a rift in the Walker-Ainge relationship,” he wrote.

“Walker has a great relationship with his teammates and looked forward to being a veteran mentor to Tatum and Brown, but the same can’t be said about Walker and the front office. He no longer feels wanted.”

The obvious follow-up question to this is: who would be willing to take Walker on?

The 31-year-old is on a 4-year, $141 million contract and due $36 million next season. His rapid aging, worrisome injury history and decreasing production will make him tough to move.

It is something of an open secret at this juncture that the Celtics front office is seriously considering blowing up the roster – but that may prove to be easier said than done.

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