Kawhi Leonard’s Encounter With Cameron Brink Goes Viral (Video)

Kawhi Leonard’s Encounter With Cameron Brink Goes Viral (Video)

Kawhi Leonard is generally regarded as one of the NBA’s more stoic personalities. He certainly has his quirks, as he showed with his surprising favorite NBA team growing up and him struggling with self-checkout at Target, but generally he keeps it fairly low key.

Because of that, many were shocked by a story WNBA rookie star Cameron Brink told on Paul George’s podcast this past week.

Essentially, she described Leonard as having the sort of personality that few would expect from him.

For obvious reasons, her story went mega-viral.

“The funniest part was Kawhi,” Brink recalled of her commercial shoot with New Balance.

“He is funny as s**t. He’s funny, and like all of the New Balance guys, like our head marketing guy was like ‘We haven’t seen anybody make him laugh more than you.’”

In the aftermath, fans had a myriad of reactions to Brink’s story and what it meant about Leonard:

It will be interesting to see if Leonard ultimately comes out and addresses Brink’s story in any capacity, of if he will just let the brouhaha die out on its own.

Cameron Brink Has Had A Busy May 2024

Brink has quietly become one of the biggest names in all of basketball over the past year. In May 2024 things finally came to a head for her.

Not only did the Los Angeles Sparks select her with the second overall pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft, but she also saw a number of personal photos leak out on social media.

She handled the situation extremely well.

While Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark obviously garner more headlines than Brink, they are probably the only two rookies in the WNBA who can claim that.

Will Brink eventually end up being a bigger star than both of them? Time will tell.

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