Kawhi Leonard Mocks Lakers Star LeBron James

Kawhi Leonard Mocks Lakers Star LeBron James

Kawhi Leonard Mocks Lakers Star LeBron James

Kawhi Leonard mocked Lakers star LeBron James recently.

This past Wednesday ESPN host Stephen A. Smith appeared on First Take and made an interesting revelation.

Apparently Leonard has been openly mocking his crosstown rival, challenging him to man up and guard him.

“I was told by a very reliable source that Kawhi Leonard sat up there and said, ‘Somebody tell LeBron stop being scared to guard me,'” Smith said.

“That’s what they said… That’s the only basketball thing I’ve heard about the Lakers.”

On the two occasions that the Lakers and Clippers have squared off this season, Leonard’s team has emerged victorious both times.

The first time they met, Leonard finished with 30 points with Danny Green mostly sticking to him. For round two on Christmas Day, the Lakers attempted a more team-centric approach to guard Leonard – but that resulted in him scoring 35 points.

The big problem for the Lakers in both outings was that Leonard was the one to guard James.

In their first meeting, that resulted in James being held to 18 points. On Christmas Day, the Lakers star had a better outing – scoring 23 points and falling one rebound short of a triple-double.

The Lakers currently have 30-7 record and technically sit atop the Western Conference. However, it is difficult to get the image of the Clippers beating down the Lakers on two separate occasions out of your head.

Ultimately the battle between James and Leonard will be decided where all great NBA battles are decided: the playoffs.

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